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Switch Hitting with the CVA Apex with a .300 Win Mag Bergara Barrel for Woodland Caribou with Joe Sebo

I went to Newfoundland in 2012 to try for a woodland caribou with my CVA Accura. I also had an Apex with a .300 Win Mag Bergara barrel. I had asked my guide if he would carry the .300 Win … Continue reading

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Tony Walker on His First Turkey Taken With a CVA Apex and the Bergara 12 Gauge Turkey Barrel

Hunting season isn’t over for my wife Angie and me. We still have turkey hunts and bear hunts we’re planning. One of the bear hunts will be in Manitoba, Canada, and the other will be in Saskatchewan in May. We … Continue reading

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45 Caliber vs. .50 Caliber Muzzleloader Rifles

The .45 caliber muzzleloader is often the preferred rifle of the more-advanced blackpowder hunter, who really understands the effectiveness of that bullet at different ranges. But for some reason, the .45 caliber blackpowder rifles never really have caught-on and become … Continue reading

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Steve Gruber’s Iowa Muzzleloading Deer Hunt

In 2009, I hunted in southwest Iowa, over a cut bean field. I was in a Shadow Hunter blind on the last day of muzzleloader season. Although I had spotted some does and a few bucks, I hadn’t seen a … Continue reading

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Successful Antelope Hunting with Chuck Paddock and Family

    Editor’s Note: Chuck Paddock of Covington, Indiana, is the host of “Open Season TV” on the Pursuit Channel. I took my wife and daughters on an antelope hunt in Gillette, Wyoming. My wife never really had hunted with … Continue reading

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Ben Fleming’s Mule Deer Hunt with His CVA Muzzleloader

Editor’s Note: New to muzzleloading, Ben Fleming recently took a sweet mule deer with his CVA Muzzleloader. My first muzzleloader hunt was a mule deer hunt. I was hunting an encampment in Wyoming right on the Colorado border just west … Continue reading

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The CVA Apex Rifle and Muzzleloader

The APEX is, quite frankly, the best break-action, multi-barrel interchangeable rifle system on the market today. Just by shouldering the APEX, the serious shooter will notice a vast superiority to its competitors in both balance and fit. But the real … Continue reading

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The CVA Apex Muzzleloader vs. the T/C Encore Muzzleloader

The CVA Apex rifle is superior to the T/C Encore in a variety of aspects. The Apex offers you a better muzzleloading rifle for less money than the T/C and beats the T/C across the board with everything you want … Continue reading

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