How to Use Your Optima V2 Rifle

Last week, O’Neil Williams and Tony Smotherman outlined the ins and outs of CVA’s Accura V2 Rifle. Now, our friends move on to the rifle that made CVA Muzzleloaders the company it is today, the Optima V2.

Priced comfortably between the base model Wolf and the top of the line Accura, the CVA Optima V2 is the best rifle in on the market for budget-minded hunters. Except for a few distinct features, the Optima V2 is all of the gun that the Accura V2 is, but on average costs $150 less. For starters, the Optima V2 comes with a 26” 416 grade stainless steel fluted barrel. Coming in only 1” shorter than the Accura barrel, the Optima V2 strikes a perfect balance between accuracy and maneuverability. New to 2015, select models of the Optima V2 will be offered with a Nitrided barrel – a chemical process which activates carbon in the steel, resulting in a barrel that is impervious to rust, inside and out. Every Optima V2 comes with CVA’s Quick Release Breech Plug, a DuraSight Scope mount (or fiber optic sights), and a solid aluminum Palm-Saver ramrod, giving you more features than any other muzzle loader in its price range.

If you want a quality muzzleloading rifle that will not break the bank –  the CVA Optima is your gun. To see CVA’s lineup of  Optima V2 rifles, check them out here.


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