How to clean your CVA muzzleloader frame assembly ?

The old adage, “Take care of your firearm and it will take care of you” could not be truer of muzzleloaders. Today’s propellants , although cleaner than genuine black powder, will still foul out barrels and cause rust pitting, regardless of whether your barrel is stainless steel or blued. Now, obviously it is of the utmost importance to clean the barrel, because this is where all of the combustion takes place, but what about the frame? There are many different moving parts inside the frame of your CVA muzzleloader, and accessing them for cleaning purposes can be a pain – especially since you aren’t supposed to take it apart. For those of you who didn’t know, CVA charges $45 dollars to reassemble frames. This is because a jig is required to put them back together, and the only one on Earth is located at the CVA HQ in Duluth, GA. But don’t worry – you don’t need to take the frame apart to get it good and clean. Just follow this simple 5-step process and you’ll have the inside of your frame working like new.

1) Remove the barrel of your CVA by first removing the forend. Then, pull the breaching lever to release the barrel from the frame. barrel off the frame

2) Once you have the barrel off, you should only have the frame attached to the buttstock in your hand. Take some CVA Barrel Blaster Foaming Bore Cleaner and attach the yellow straw that comes with the can. Insert the straw inside the trigger guard just behind the trigger, and blast foam up through the frame, making sure to keep the breaching lever engaged. This will push all of the fouling that is hard to reach right out of the top of the frame, and will also clean your trigger mechanism.

3) Pull the hammer back and insert the straw at a downward angle (away from the firing pin) and blast foam into the frame. This will ensure that the entire frame will be covered with solvent.

4) Let the frame sit for 10-15 minutes and let the Foaming Bore Cleaner work its magic.

5) After the foam has subsided, “rinse” the frame with Birchwood Casey’s Bore Scrubber and spot clean from the top side with a nylon bristle brush and blow out with any remaining residue with an air compressor or a can of compressed air.

The frame on your CVA Muzzleloader can handle quite a few rounds before needing any attention, but it is very important to check the status of your frame on a regular basis. The last thing you would want while stalking a 160 class deer is a sticky trigger, so take 20 minutes after you practice to ensure the reliability of your smoke pole.

Here is a link to cleaning your CVA Muzzleloaders firing pin.

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