45 Caliber vs. .50 Caliber Muzzleloader Rifles

The .45 caliber muzzleloader is often the preferred rifle of the more-advanced blackpowder hunter, who really understands the effectiveness of that bullet at different ranges. But for some reason, the .45 caliber blackpowder rifles never really have caught-on and become popular with the vast majority of muzzleloading hunters. One of the main reasons that the .45 caliber never really has taken hold in the blackpowder market is due to the “Jeremiah Johnson” movie, which established the .50 caliber Hawken style rifle as THE muzzleloading gun. Often, no-other rifle will do for many hunters. A vast number of hunters believe that the .50 caliber is the only caliber that blackpowder hunters should shoot. Ever since the “Jeremiah Johnson” movie, the .50 caliber blackpowder rifle has ruled the blackpowder industry. But CVA makes .45 caliber in the APEX and ACCURA rifles. So, rather than trying to preach the gospel of the superior performance of the .45 caliber bullet over the .50 caliber, CVA has decided that if .50 caliber rifles are what their customers want, then .50 caliber rifles are what the company will build. However, CVA still keeps the .45 caliber in its line and offers the .45 caliber PowerBelt bullet in its accessory line for the hunters who have tested and tried the .45 caliber and like it. Also, Bergara Barrels makes a .45 caliber barrel for the CVA Apex .

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9 Responses to 45 Caliber vs. .50 Caliber Muzzleloader Rifles

  1. Clay says:

    Mr. Allen: I do not know of any manufacturer that reocmmends against using Triple Seven. T7 is a safe and good performing black powder substitute. Like any propellant, it hat its pluses and minuses. A big plus is that it is not as corrosive as Pyrodex. A negative is that it tends to leave a residue ring right above where the bullet seats which can cause the shooter to think that the next bullet is seated when in reality it is still 1/4 or so inches above the powder charge. However, this is easily remedied by running a damp patch between each shot. Really a range issue more than a hunting issue. In the feild, just make sure to give the bullet a firm push with the ramrod to be sure you are past the residue ring. You can feel it as it passes. Thanks, Dudley

  2. John Messner says:

    I just read your article regarding the differences between the .45 cal and the .50 cal muzzleloader and I cannot agree more. I purchased my .45 cal rifle in 1999, but not until I had done exhaustive research on the subject. The most important thing for me was down range performance. In a review of all of the ballistic data available, the .45 consistently outperformed the .50 cal bullets in terms of both downrange speed and energy.

    I have since hunted with my .45 every year since purchasing it and have never failed to bring down a deer, even at ranges approaching 200 yards. My .45 is without a doubt, my most favourite hunting rifle in the cabinet.

    • Thomas says:

      I have found that the .45 cal muzzleloader is more for the experienced muzzleloading hunter. This is due to any one that has had good success with .45 Cal will choose it over a .50 Cal any day of the week.

  3. I have a muzzleloader that I bought 20 years ago and it stopped working. So I tried tried to take it apart and a few pieces broke that were rusted. I couldn’t find any parts on the website is there anything else I can do?

  4. william cooper says:

    I have a 45 cal. optama pro I shoot A 175 power belt bullet and 100 grains of 777 loose powder at 200 yards I can put three shots in a 2 in. circal its the beast gun I have. I just wish that CVA wood promote the 45 cal. more most people dont understand thay dont need a 350 grain bulit to take A white tail every person that sees my gun shoot tells me thay have to have one!!

  5. william cooper says:

    I have tryed to purches the new 45 ACCURA V2 from basspro shop the people their tryed to talke me out of it when they alt to be promouting the 45 cal. they told me the gun was not avalable when CVA web site says I is at all basspro shops

  6. Darrell Vaughan says:

    whear can i get the 45cal i been want one i like the 45 over the 50 in time of the day i would like the korda pro in a 45cal cal u tell me whear to get one or any cva 45cal muzzeloder