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Where to Find Big Bucks for This Muzzleloader Hunting Season

Finding trophy bucks to hunt can be easy. To live long enough to become a trophy buck, all the deer have to do is survive long enough to obtain heavy body weights and large antlers. If you can accept this … Continue reading

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Remember Deer Become Nervous When They Can’t See or Hear the Hunter

I’ve learned over the years that deer see more hunters than hunters see deer. I learned this lesson 30-50 years ago when we put on dog-deer drives in my home state of Alabama. Back then, dog hunting for deer was … Continue reading

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Three things to look for when you’re deer hunting with your CVA rifle

According to Bo Pitman, longtime guide and deer-hunting teacher, although there is no surefire way to guarantee a hunter that he will take a deer, he’s have identified some problems that successful hunters have learned to eliminate from their hunt … Continue reading

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Successful Antelope Hunting with Chuck Paddock and Family

    Editor’s Note: Chuck Paddock of Covington, Indiana, is the host of “Open Season TV” on the Pursuit Channel. I took my wife and daughters on an antelope hunt in Gillette, Wyoming. My wife never really had hunted with … Continue reading

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The Hottest New Muzzleloader Rifle on the Market This Year Is from CVA

Many muzzleloader hunters have named the CVA ACCURA Mountain Rifle as the hottest new muzzleloader on the market today. The new ACCURA MR introduced at the 2012 SHOT Show has been a big hit in the muzzleloading industry. The response … Continue reading

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The CVA Scout Rifle

The SCOUT is CVA’s first ever center-fire only rifle, but what a rifle it is. Sleek, lightweight and an incredible value for the dollar, the SCOUT sets a new standard for affordable single-shot hunting rifles. All SCOUT barrels are fluted … Continue reading

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The CVA Apex Rifle and Muzzleloader

The APEX is, quite frankly, the best break-action, multi-barrel interchangeable rifle system on the market today. Just by shouldering the APEX, the serious shooter will notice a vast superiority to its competitors in both balance and fit. But the real … Continue reading

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