Tony Walker on His First Turkey Taken With a CVA Apex and the Bergara 12 Gauge Turkey Barrel

My 16 year-old son Ty.

Hunting season isn’t over for my wife Angie and me. We still have turkey hunts and bear hunts we’re planning. One of the bear hunts will be in Manitoba, Canada, and the other will be in Saskatchewan in May. We are also building episodes for our upcoming TV show, “The American Way,” from the footage we’ve shot this past year. We’ll be using the CVA Apex with a 12 gauge turkey barrel on it. My 16 year-old son, Ty, had the privilege of taking the first wild turkey ever bagged with the CVA Apex with a Bergara 12 gauge turkey barrel last season. We got the barrels on a Thursday afternoon and mounted and sighted them in before leaving for an Indiana turkey hunt. By Saturday morning, we had three big strutting gobblers in our decoy spread. Ty took one of those gobblers with that Bergara turkey barrel on this really-special hunt in Knox, Ind. We knew before the hunt that the turkeys had been roosting in a big pine tree grove, and that at first light the turkeys were pitching off the roost and flying to a cut corn field.

We went in late on Friday night before the first day of Indiana’s youth season, set-up our ground blind at about 10:30 pm, slipped out of the area, returned to camp and went to bed. The next morning we arrived at the blind well before daylight. Just as the sun started to appear, we heard odd noises just over our heads. Somehow, when we had gone in that night and set-up our ground blind, we had put it right under the gobblers’ roost tree. The strange noise was the gobblers drumming and strutting on the limbs. I didn’t know how we managed to set up our blind and not spook those gobblers off their roost the night before the hunt. After we heard the drumming and strutting on the limbs, we started hearing turkey poop drooping from the tree tops. When the turkeys flew down, they almost landed on top of our ground blind.

Hunting season isn’t over for my wife Angie and me

When we set up our blind the night before the hunt, we also had put out hen decoys and one gobbler decoy, with a fan that we could work electronically. I had put out a stuffer hen (mounted real wild turkey hen) as well as some Dave Smith turkey decoys that I think look more lifelike than any decoys in the industry. When the gobblers flew down in front of the blind, the hens that were roosting with them also flew down and began walking away from us. We gave them a few turkey calls. Within less than 20 minutes, we had half a dozen hens and four big longbearded gobblers coming to our decoy spread. We let the turkeys get in close to the blind, and they put on a show for the camera. When we finally told Ty he could shoot, one of the gobblers was 25-steps from the blind. Once Ty pulled the trigger on the CVA Apex with the Bergara turkey barrel, the gobbler crumbled. To see my son take a turkey on the opening morning of youth turkey season in Indiana was a real thrill. To know that he was the first hunter ever to bag a turkey with a CVA Apex with a Bergara turkey barrel really made it a very-special day. Too, once we realized we had the whole hunt captured on our video camera, this was the icing on the cake.  We had done our job and gotten an episode for our TV show, “The American Way.”

We take our children on many of our hunts for our TV show. When our children are the designated hunters, Angie and I focus all our attention on making sure the children have a good time and are in a position to take whatever game we’re hunting. We always make sure we never steal their thunder or try and make the hunt our hunt instead of their hunt.

By: Tony Walker who with his wife Angie hosts the “The American Way” TV show on the Pursuit Channel.  Starting July 1 and running through December, you can watch their show on Monday nights at 9:30 pm and on Sunday mornings at 9 am.

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  2. Wow Tony What an Awesome Article and an Awesome hunt , , man you sure did pick the right spot to put that blind , and this is Amazing to know that your 16 year old son was the first hunter ever to bag a turkey with a CVA Apex with a Bergara turkey barrel , I bet it was a Very Special Momment for you , sound’s like you and him have that CVA Apex with a Bergara turkey barrel dial in , Good Luck the rest of this Season and more Luck with your TV show it is Awesome and this was a Great Story and Thanks’ for sharing it with us -Jeff Hayden