Steve West Muzzleloader Hunts for Grizzly Bears with His CVA ACCURA V2 Part 2

Editor’s Note: CVA Pro Staffer Steve West of La Grande, Oregon, of “Steve’s Outdoor Adventures” on the “Outdoor Channel” on Fridays and Saturdays that’s been airing for the last 5 years, just has taken a possible world-record interior grizzly bear with a muzzleloader. Here is part 2.

So, I went down, put-on all my hunting clothing, got my CVA ACCURA ready and jumped in the skiff with my cameraman. That area was so quiet that every time I moved slightly in the boat, something would clink or clank, because there was no wind or any kind of cover noise. We moved the skiff into the back of the bay and set up 178-yards away from the bear. For this hunt, I had decided to bring a zero-magnification rifle scope. I didn’t want to bring a scope that would magnify the target, because I knew that many times when you were hunting grizzles, you’d be hunting in low-light conditions. So, I took the Burris FastFire scope. When we set-up, I knew that this distance was too far to shoot without some type of magnification in the scope to allow you to place the shot accurately. Another problem was that I really wanted to be closer to the bear to be able to get a good video of the hunt. Even with a conventional rifle, I don’t like to shoot a grizzly at more than 100 yards, because bullet placement is critical for taking one of those big bears down efficiently. They are really-tough animals.

So, I decided to get closer to the bear by going to a big root wad of a fallen tree. As quietly as we could, my cameraman, Bob and I got the boat near the root wad. Once I got out of the boat, I had about a 15-yard stalk to reach the root wad. When we arrived, my cameraman set-up a little bit behind me and to my right, so he could film over my shoulder. That root wad provided me with a rest that felt as comfortable as a bench rest at a rifle range. The only problem was that when I got out of the boat, I was wearing knee-high rubber boats, and that icy water had come over the tops of my boots. I had on Mossy Oak Treestand pattern Stormkloth, and it’s extremely-quiet material. In the root wad, I was quiet, I was concealed, and I had a good rest. Everything was perfect. The bear was less than 50-yards from me. I waited for the bear to step forward on his outside leg to expose his vital area. When he did, I squeezed the trigger, and the CCI primer flashed back in my face rather than igniting the powder charge. When that pop happened, the bear looked straight at me. I remember looking at that bear and saying to myself, “The jig is up.” The bear stared for about 5-10 seconds, but which seemed like 5-10 hours. Then finally he put his head down and started feeding again. Because we were all motionless, well-camouflaged and had our silhouettes broken-up by the root wad, he couldn’t decide what we were.

When the bear went back to feeding, I pulled the CVA muzzleloader back, popped-off the malfunctioning primer, put a new primer on the nipple, crossed myself real quick, got the CVA rifle back on my shoulder, aimed and waited for the bear to step forward again. When he made that step and exposed his vital areas, I squeezed the trigger, and the bear dropped dead, right in his tracks.

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