Steve West Muzzleloader Hunts for Grizzly Bears with His CVA ACCURA V2 Part 1

Editor’s Note: CVA Pro Staffer Steve West of La Grande, Oregon, of “Steve’s Outdoor Adventures” on the “Outdoor channel” on Fridays and Saturdays that’s been airing for the last 5 years, just has taken a possible world-record interior grizzly bear with a muzzleloader.

I’m on a quest for the Super Slam of North American Big Game with a muzzleloader. To complete the Super Slam, I have to take 29 animals in North America with a muzzleloader. This bear is one of the species on the list that you have to take to complete the Slam. I was lucky enough to take a bear that I believe that will be the new world record taken with a blackpowder gun. I was hunting with Bob Milligan of Coastal Mountain Outfitters located in Terrace, British Columbia, Canada (250-635-2799,, This outfitter has an outstanding reputation and controls all the really-good coastal grizzly lands in British Columbia.

I took my the CVA ACCURA V2 .50 caliber muzzleloader to hunt this grizzly. I’ve found that particular gun to be far-more accurate than any of the others that I ever have used. It fits me like a glove. I don’t believe the accuracy and the reliability of that gun can be matched. The V2 with the thumb-hold stock is the best muzzleloader I’ve ever shot. I also knew that with a mounted Burris Eliminator Laserscope, I have made shots out to 600 yards on ground targets. We videoed the shot, so we would have evidence of the distance and accuracy. I was shooting the PowerBelt 405 grain copper bullet, 150 grains of IMR White Hots and CCI 209 primer.

I drove up to Terrace, British Columbia, a 26-hour drive from my home in Oregon and then spent the night in a hotel. The next morning we had a 2-hour drive to the boat, and we arrived at about 10:00 or 11:00 am. We launched the boat and went through some interior-water passageways. On the boat with us were some black-bear hunters, including Phil Phillips, who hosts a TV show on the “Sportsman Channel,” “Phil Phillips Unleashed.” As we were going to the island we were planning to hunt, we spotted black bears, but no grizzlies. We anchored the boat in a protected bay, started cooking and then ate dinner. My guide, Bob Milligan, told me that he had seen a grizzly in this bay the year before my hunt. He suggested that we keep a lookout on the beach where we had anchored. As we finished-up supper, there were about 2 hours of daylight left. Bob soon tapped me on the shoulder and said, “You’d better suit-up in your hunting clothes, because there is a big grizzly on the beach.” This was the first night, and none of us even had hunted yet. So, I went down, put-on all my hunting clothing, got my CVA ACCURA ready and jumped in the skiff with my cameraman.

To be continued…

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