Use Quality Batteries in Trail Cameras and Attract More Deer

I never have understood why...

I never have understood why…

I never have understood why hunters would buy really-nice trail cameras and put the cheapest batteries they could buy in those trail cameras. Then they wondered why those batteries died all the time, or why the cameras quit making good pictures. Remember, the colder temperatures that camera is exposed to, the more energy that cold weather will pull out of your batteries. I recommend the Energizer Advanced Lithium Batteries. I put these kind of batteries in my DLC Covert cameras at the beginning of deer season and don’t change the batteries until the end of deer season. Even when I change the batteries, they still have life in them.

Deer season starts for me in June when I put out my cameras to inventory my deer herd, watch the bucks’ antlers grow and begin to pick out the bucks I’m going to hunt. My deer season ends in February after deer season has been closed several weeks, because I want to get pictures of the bucks that have made it through deer season. I’ll only use one set of those Energizer Advanced Lithium Batteries per trail camera from June through February. The Energizer Advanced Lithium Batteries sell for about $20. They come in a pack of 4, and I use 8 batteries in my camera. So, I spend about $40 in batteries per season per camera. So, take a little extra time, spend a little extra money, and consider the possibility of using the best batteries you can find. You may get good results from less-expensive batteries from June through September or even into October in some areas of the country. But, when cold weather hits, those inexpensive batteries may not last but a day or two after a cold front.

Attract More Deer to Your Trail Cameras:

If you’re checking your trail cameras every 3 days, your human odor has saturated the area where

Attract More Deer to Your Trail Cameras

Attract More Deer to Your Trail Cameras

your trail cameras are. So, in states where you can use attractants or bait, I make up my own scent attractants. The spray I mix up has apple juice, flavoring, molasses, sugar and anything else I can think of that has a fruity sweet smell. I dump all those ingredients into a pot and cook it like a stew. After my attractants cool-down, I add distilled water to my smell-good stew. After this mixture cools-down, I put it in a spray bottle and use it as both a cover scent and an attractant. I spray that attractant all over the trail I walk in and out on, also around my cameras and the trees holding my cameras. I also use the BioLogic deer attractants. There are a wide variety of choices of sprays you can use. I want this spray not only to kill my odor, but to be an attractant to put deer in front of my camera. Let’s say I set-up a trail camera in the corner of a soybean field. I not only spray the trail I walk in and out of to get to my camera, but I spray the base of the tree where my camera is mounted, the ground and bushes in front of my camera and the soybeans in the corner of that field. I spray up high as well as down low. When the deer smell this attractant, they’re going to come in and browse heavier than they do anywhere else. So, I’ll have better pictures than I’ll get if I haven’t sprayed everything.

I did some research using my homemade attractant and cover spray. I learned that if I put corn out in front of my camera, a buck would stay in front of the camera about 3 minutes and then leave.

Dave Parrott, an avid deer hunter from Louisville, Kentucky.

Dave Parrott, an avid deer hunter from Louisville, Kentucky.

When I used my spray, as I recommended and put it on everything, the bucks would stay in front of my camera for 8 to 10 minutes. So, my spray attractant is causing bucks to stay in front of my cameras twice as long as they will if I just put shelled corn in front of my camera.

By: Dave Parrott, an avid deer hunter from Louisville, Kentucky, who has a technology background and says he’s obsessed with developing game cameras and learning more effective ways to use them to understand more about deer.

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  1. jhay107 says:

    Thanks’ Dave for another Great Blog , I guess you can call me one of those value shopper’s , and I sure this why my Batteries keep failing on me in all my trail cameras , after reading this Blog I will be putting Energizer Advanced Lithium Batteries into all my cameras , and as for Human scent Brother it sound’s like to me you have done your home work with this special brew spray on attractant and I have got to try this one out Thanks’ again for these awesome tip’s -Jeff Hayden