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We have been asked “Are there any sleeper guns that CVA has out in which people either don’t know about or it hasn’t been out long enough for people to get excited about?”

Many people don’t know that we make muzzleloader pistols. We’ve had tremendous success with our Optima muzzleloading pistol, which really appeals to the people who like single-shot and muzzleloading pistols. There always has been a demand for muzzleloader pistols, and this new Optima .50 caliber pistol has a lot of people excited. The CVA Optima pistol with its 14-inch barrel and a pistol-grip stock has the same action as our Optima rifle, which has been very-successful in the marketplace. We are seeing several groups of people who really-enjoy the challenge of a .50 caliber pistol. This gun can be used during muzzleloading deer season in many states. We had known for a while that there are a growing number of hunters who enjoy testing their skill against whitetails with handguns. Regulations vary from state to state, but most states do permit hunting with muzzleloading pistols during blackpowder season. You can use this pistol either with open sights or with a pistol scope. The CVA Optima pistol has the same breach plug that the CVA Optima muzzleloader rifle has, as well as the same action and same quality barrel as the Optima rifle. The suggested retail is only $314.95

According to information received from hunters, many are enjoying the CVA Optima pistol, especially during the early muzzleloading season in many states. For several reasons, the pistol is much more challenging to shoot accurately over longer distances than the rifle. However, during the early muzzleloader season when the deer have felt little or no hunting pressure, oftentimes you can get the deer in really close to your stand site and take them with a pistol, especially in the states that permit baiting. Also, as deer population builds up nationwide, more landowners and hunting clubs are faced with the problem of deer overpopulation. Often hunting clubs need to remove a good number of unantlered deer to keep the deer herd healthy. So, some hunters have spiced up their doe harvest by choosing to shoot the CVA Optima pistol and remove them. Also the same phenomenon is taking place in states with a late muzzleloader season after gun season, because the gun hunters know where they are hanging out. They may have had close encounters with them. So, during the late muzzleloader season, they opt to take these unantlered deer with a blackpowder pistol like the CVA Optima pistol.

Another group of hunters who have really become enthusiastic about muzzleloading pistol are the hog hunters; especially those using dogs to find, trail and “bay-up” hogs, and these hunters often find themselves within close proximity of the hogs. The hunters wanted a weapon that would not only be used for hunting big hogs but also be used to protect themselves and their dogs in surprised confrontations. The muzzleloading pistol boasting a .50 caliber bullet was the ideal weapon because it efficiently can “take down” the biggest boar at point blank range. In addition the states that permit baiting for hogs, this CVA Optima pistol offers close range accuracy from the stand, to the place where the hogs are being baited in. As the number of feral hogs continues to grow nationwide, more and more states are permitting year-round hunting and baiting of feral hogs. For this reason, the CVA Optima pistol in the hands of a proficient shooter can see hog action all year long in states that have severe overpopulations of hogs. The number of states facing this dilemma is continuing to grow. Now, let’s face it taking any game with a handgun is a major accomplishment. But, if you want to turn the challenge up more, try shooting a .50 caliber muzzleloader pistol that has the latest technology in the blackpowder industry. Many are finding this type hunting to be the ultimate way to enjoy the sport of muzzleloading.

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8 Responses to Sleeper CVA Muzzleloaders

  1. Todd Jenkins says:

    I already knew about the CVA Optima pistol from the CVA website! Have had it in my mind that I would like to get one. Already have a CVA Optima Elite in .50 cal and 30-06, and have harvested deer with both calibers. Don’t know when I’ll get the CVA Optima pistol, but it is definately on my “want” list!

  2. John says:

    I hunt with a centerfire pistol…..lately have gone to a muzzle loading pistol, Just ordered the CVA Optima….what a hand cannon !!!

  3. brad says:

    man i saw this pistol a few months ago and thought goodbye encore 50cal pistol bought it and am glad i did havent put powder in the encore since shoots great and easy to clean the breachplug removes just as said great job CVA

  4. Ramjet says:

    Just picked one of these up from my local gun shop.

    Loaded Power Belt over 90 grains of Hogden triple 7

    I mounted a Bushnell Halo onnthis gun and had 75 yard groups of under 2″ .

    This evening I went hunting using this gun and scored on very tasty looking 2 year old white tailed spike horn.

    I harvested this deer ith shot taking the top,of the heart off and lung damage. Deer ran 30 yards and piled up.

    I am so impressed with this rig and the interesting thing is during my range session I fired 285, 300, 350 grain bullets all over 90 grains of Triple seven they all printed within 4″ of each other at 75 yards.

    Great job CVA

  5. terry says:

    i have both optima pistol put a 2-7 power pistol scope on it shot two deer with it both around 70 yards very nice so i bought the matching rifle havent shot it yet very nice guns