My Most Fun Turkey Hunt with a CVA Rifle

My Most Fun Turkey Hunt with a CVA RifleI was hunting near El Paso, Texas, where you can hunt turkeys with a rifle. We had finished hunting that morning and were walking back to our vehicle. My cameraman, Scott Sawyers, took out his turkey call and yelped a few times. We heard a turkey gobble, waited about 4 minutes and called again. The turkey gobbled once more but much closer this time. We got behind a big tree with grass around it. A big Rio Grande gobbler came walking in and stopped at 45 yards. I shot and missed the turkey. I never cut a feather.

At the report of the rifle, this turkey jumped straight-up in the air. When he hit the ground, Scott purred a couple of times on his diaphragm mouth call. The gobbler took about three steps, fluffed-up and started strutting again. While the turkey was strutting, I hurriedly reloaded my .50 caliber CVA rifle. I knew the turkey wouldn’t stand there forever. In the process, I raked all my primers into the grass. I went ahead and poured the powder and the bullet down the barrel. I got down on my hands and knees, 45-yards from the turkey, and started trying to find the primer in that 2-foot-tall grass. Finally, I located the primer. I peeped over the grass and saw the gobbler was still strutting. I got in position to take a second shot, and this time I hit the turkey.

My Most Fun Turkey Hunt with a CVA RifleThere are several morals to this story:

* Have everything you need in a handy location if you need to get off a second shot, when you’re hunting with a blackpowder rifle,

* Start calling again immediately if you miss the turkey the first time. If the turkey hasn’t been hit, all he knows is that he’s heard a big explosion he doesn’t understand. Even if he sees that white puff of smoke, the bird may think he’s just heard and seen a lightning strike or some other phenomenon in nature.

* Make sure you aim closely on your second shot, and take your time to make a good shot.

When hunting where the turkeys have had little or no hunting pressure, you often can get away with tactics that won’t work otherwise.

By O’Neill Williams, host of the “O’Neill Outside” TV show

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  1. Thank you O’Neill for another Great Story , Trust me I know what it feel’s like when you miss everything start’s speeding up droping thing’s just like you said , what a good looking Bird , it go’s to show if you miss don’t give up and look at your outcome 1 Awesome bird THANK YOU AGAIN -Jeff Hayden