The CVA Scout Rifle

The SCOUT is CVA’s first ever center-fire only rifle, but what a rifle it is. Sleek, lightweight and an incredible value for the dollar, the SCOUT sets a new standard for affordable single-shot hunting rifles. All SCOUT barrels are fluted and available in either Blued Steel or 416 Stainless Steel. Stocks are 100% ambidextrous – making them versatile not only for all shooters, but for all off-side opportunities in the field. The SCOUT COMPACT .243 and 7mm-08 models are compact in design – meaning that the barrel is an easily maneuverable 20” (2” shorter than the Standard model) and the stock is 1” shorter than the Standard model stock. Therefore, this gun will be a great choice for a child’s first deer rifle or as a lightweight, quickhandling brush or truck gun for just about anyone. Also, a coupon for the purchase of the full-length standard stock is included with each SCOUT COMPACT gun, allowing up-sizing when the child is big enough for a full-length stock. Other calibers in the Standard SCOUT include .243, 7mm-08, .270, .30-06, .44 Magnum, .35 Whelen, 12 and 20 Gauge Rifled Slug, that all come with the standard stockand 22” barrel. The Scout Compact is available with either fiber optic open sights or the DuraSight DEAD-ON one-piece scope mount. Standard models are available only with the DuraSight DEAD-ON one-piece scope mount.

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