The CVA Accura MR (mountain rifle) Muzzleloader

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The ACCURA® MR rifle is one of our “top-of-the-line” muzzleloaders, offfering more features and a higher level of perfomance than any of our other muzzleloading guns – and any of our competitors’ guns.

The ACCURA MR provides a level of accuracy performance that is unequaled by any muzzleloader on the market today – due to its premium, custom quality, Bergara barrel . These Bergara Barrels, all made of the highest quality 416 grade stainless steel, have quickly become recognized as the most accurate production barrels in the world. And while many of the world’s most highly regarded center-fire manufacturers use Bergara barrels on their guns, only CVA offers them in a muzzleloader.  It is these Bergara barrels that enable CVA to guarantee our ACCURA series rifles to be the “The Most Accurate Muzzleloader You’ve Ever Shot – Or Your Money Back.”

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