Steve West On His Utah Elk Hunt Uses CVA’s Accura V2

Steve West of SOAI like to hunt elk on cooperative wildlife units in Utah, and I love hunting in the aspen trees there. On these units, a person can hunt elk with any weapon from September 1 to October 31. The first morning we went out was September 25. We called in eight bulls and passed them all up. Although I could’ve taken any of those elk, I really was holding out for a big bull. The rut was late, and the weather was hot and dry. Each one of the elk we called in on that first morning was a 5×5. Late that afternoon we called in some smaller bulls.

We got up early the next morning, we bugled, and a bull answered us. We went down in a little pocket to an open meadow and started cow calling. We could hear the bull screaming his bugles as he came toward us. Finally this big bull with 6 points on the left side and 5 points on the right side stepped-out of the aspens. You couldn’t have taken a prettier picture of a bull with a more-scenic background. The bull came right across the meadow in front of me, bugling. He was at less-than 50 yards when I touched off my 50-caliber CVA Accura V2. That 250-grain PowerBelt bullet nearly knocked him off his feet. I thought he was going to drop in his tracks, but he walked into the aspens a little ways and then tipped over.

Steve West On His Utah Elk Hunt Uses CVA's Accura V2

Once again, I was impressed with the terminal performance the rifle and the bullet produced. When you can get a good shot on an animal like this at close range and see the shock wave go through his body when the bullet enters, you better can understand why terminal velocity is so important. I’m satisfied that the bull was unconscious on his feet as he walked those 30 yards into the aspens and went down. I want to put the animals down as quickly and effectively as I can, so I shoot the 50-caliber CVA Accura V2 with the 250-grain PowerBelt Aerolite bullets.

If you’re planning a September elk hunt and have missed the drawing for this year, now’s the time to start planning for next year. To learn more about “Steve’s Outdoor Adventures,” go to

By Steve West, host of “Steve’s Outdoor Adventures” on the Outdoor Channel and avid muzzleloading hunter.

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  1. Thanks’ Steve for another Great Atricle and sharing your Adventure with us , I have never been to Utah and to see those Giant Aspen Trees Congrats to you on this Giant 6X5 ELK and once again you made it happing with your 50-caliber CVA Accura V2., and I do belive in taking an Ethical shot’s or I will not take the shot I will let the animal walk , and at 50 yards with 250-grain PowerBelt Aerolite bullet that is some serious knock down power , and thanks for sharing with us on what firearm you used and most of all what load like you using your 50-caliber CVA Accura V2 with the 250-grain PowerBelt Aerolite bullets most Hunters will not give out this type of info on their forums Thanks’ –Jeff Hayden