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Each month there will be a random drawing, the winner will be awarded a CVA Wolf. Click here for more details.Each month there will be a random drawing, the winner will be awarded a CVA Wolf. Click here for more details.




Apex Barrel 30-06

Apex Barrel 30-06







The CLAW® Sling System is widely known for having the best non-slip pad incorporated into a sling. The extremely durable and odor resistant pad is molded into the sling webbing to allow approximately 1/2” of stretch. This stretch spreads the weight of the firearm across the shoulder area greatly increasing your comfort. The unique gripping action of the non-slip pad keeps the firearm in place on your shoulder, eliminating the tugging, rolling and pulling caused by other slings on the market.
















SlingStix™ are so light you’ll never know they’re there until you need them. This means days of comfortable carrying. They fold up inside of a sliding pouch on the sling. They’re tucked out of the way until a shot presents itself.

By being attached to the sling, SlingStix™ are always there when you need them but never in the way when you don’t. No more having to keep up with shooting sticks.
They have the ability to deploy in a fraction of a second and fall perfectly in place every time. The internal shock cord and gravity does all the work. By sliding the pouch down the sticks are exposed and quickly fall into position. Make that perfect long-range shot with confidence. Whether it’s an elk on the other side of a canyon or a whitetail across a beanfield, SlingStix™ allow you to keep those crosshairs steady. They can be used from more positions than any other shooting stick system. Sitting, standing, and prone. They can even be used from tree stands without an adapter.


Wonder Gel cleaning solvent is the best cleaning solvent out there!  Unlike regular old liquid solvent that runs all over the place, WonderGel, because it is a gel, stays right on the patch where you need it.  It works great for all types of rifles, pistols, and shotguns, not just muzzleloaders.  WonderGel will remove all powder residue, lead, rust, copper fouling, and the plastic fouling from sabots.  Biodegradable and non-toxic.  We normally sell these on CVA’s website for $12.95 per 4 oz tube.  Due to an over-run on a private label package, we have WonderGel on sale to our friends at just $9.95 for THREE 4 oz tubes.
That’s better than 3 for 1 on your money!  Don’t miss out on this incredible deal!





21 Responses to Special Offers and Promotions

  1. Vince Olzawski says:

    Please allow us to compete for the prizes NOT via FaceBook as not all of us are on it for various reasons.

    Also, I commend you on the new sabots as other companies have sabots that are much tougher than the PowerBelts(PB) to load, so that is the key reason I have stayed with the PBs. I have checked prior to hunting season if I have to worry using PBs versus a bullet loaded in a sabot and so far I’m not having to worry about any thing more than the loading hassle as shots are all within 100 yards and they don’t vary more than an inch. If a slick sabot is now available, then that will help to reload much faster with the sabot. Still, your Power Belts are top of the line in keeping it the most simple and with less error possible. Thank you for the Power Belts!!

  2. Charlie says:

    Ditto the comment fron Vince Olzawski regarding FaceBook. I’m a CVA user, not FaceBook. It seems counter-productive to penalize CVA BP enthusiasts for not using a social website.

  3. Andy says:

    Will the Optima Elite 50 cal Barrel-(on sale)– interchange with my 7mm-08 barrel on my Stalker Rifle?

  4. be fullerton says:

    i would like to see more calibers in the scout(.308,7mm mag,25.06,6mm,.280,.284,22-.250). whats going on with the apex? everyone seems to be saying there back ordered. or just can’t get them.parts are real hard to get. i think i would real love to have one, but if i cant get barrels or something in a efficient manner than i dont want one. if i can get a apex with there being no problems in future, then i would want more calibers offered with it too. thanks,ben

  5. kyle rogers says:

    do you still support your electra model 50 cal- i am looking for the manual

  6. Kenneth Ward says:

    i purchased a cva optima dec 2012 from the net ive never owned a muzzle loader before this is the best shooting gun ive shot in a long time im glad i did not go with the tc i was looking at i plan on buying a little more expensive one when i get back on my feet.keep up the good work.

  7. Tim says:

    I shot my first white tail doe this year , with my new 50 cal CVA optima . I only use cheap shot lead sabots in my new gun and they work great easy to load and very Accurate. I like this gun so much I use it all season.

  8. I have called BPI several times for infermation about there proudects and how to use them . Each person I spoke with were frindley and verry helpful I know that on one of the days called some one must of had a bad work day! But each call I made No one was nasty or rude to me . As A CUSTOMER Iwould like TO thank You for having a great peopple working for you !PS Me and My Son each have 2 cva muzzleloiaders and We are having a ball ucing them on the range and getting our deer during hunting season. this year 2012 he got a nice 10 point and I got a nice 7 with our new 2012 optimas. Thanks agin for your good servace
    Robert D Heideman

  9. Jackie Thiede says:

    I wish they wouldn’t put the hammer extension on. They put it on SO TIGHT I can’t change it for left-handed shooting. I never got an answer from them about a replacement or not a word.
    I bought the optima from dunhams and they couldn’t even change it for me.

  10. Chris says:

    I bought a CVA Optima back in November, first muzzleloader for me.
    Sighted it in in 3 shots, got my first buck with it on Christmas Eve morning using a 295 gr PB hollowpoint. A fast, clean kill.
    Now that I have the hang of it I love shooting this rifle and look forward to taking many more whitetail with it. Good job CVA.

  11. Bill OConnor says:

    I own 7 Optima rifles and 2 Optima pistols. Great product. Excellent craftsmanship. I will not buy any other brand. CVA has been great. I’ve ordered all my replacement stocks and parts and have never had a problem. Thanks CVA!

  12. CVA has the best in Muzzleloaders and associated equipment for one of the almost lost arts in the fields of hunting, targeting, and all out outdoor recreation for the men, women, and the entire family that are responsible gun owners. We support, respect, and fund our sport safely!