Due to the corrosive nature of muzzleloading powders you must make cleaning a top priority as soon after shooting as possible. Neglecting this responsibility will certainly result in a ruined barrel. An important thing to remember is that proper cleaning is just as important for stainless steel guns. Although stainless steel guns are more resistant to rust and corrosion for a short time, they will rust and corrode nearly as badly as blued steel in the long run.


1.Using a properly fitting screwdriver, remove the screw from the center of the forend. Gently pull the forend off of the barrel.

2.Pull the breeching lever to the rear and open the action. Without the forend in place the barrel will pivot forward and off of the action.

3.Turn the breechplug in a counter-clockwise direction and remove. Wet the breechplug thoroughly with cleaning solvent and set aside.

4.Using a jag on a cleaning rod, range rod, or extended ram rod, push a patch or two wet with water through the barrel to remove the bulk of the fouling from the bore.

5.Place a properly fitting bore brush on the rod and make several fulllength strokes through the barrel. The brush should be wet with solvent for this step.

6.Remove the brush from the rod and use the jag to push several patches damp with solvent through the bore. Allow the solvent to work for a minute or two and follow with dry, clean patches. Repeat until the barrel is clean. Use a good quality non-petroleum gun oil to protect the bore. CVA Barrel Blaster Rust Prevent Patches are excellent for this.

7.Take the solvent-soaked breechplug and wipe all surfaces, including the threads, with patches or a rag. Make sure the front is clean as well as the primer pocket and flash hole (the small hole through the center of the plug). Cotton swabs, pipe cleaners and a nipple pick are appropriate here. Generously apply breechplug grease or high temperature anti-seize to the breechplug threads and install into the barrel finger tight (over tightening the breechplug can lead to a breechplug that is difficult or impossible to remove).

8.Use a patch wet with solvent to scrub the breechface and other action areas that you can reach. Cotton swabs can be used here to do a good job. Wipe dry with a clean patch or rag and apply rust preventative.

9.Using a properly fitting screwdriver remove the firing pin bushing from the front of the breechface. The firing pin and spring will drop out. Clean these parts and the firing pin recess thoroughly, lube and reinstall. Cotton swabs are good to use here as well. A light coating of breechplug grease on the bushing threads is a good idea.

10.Reassemble the gun and check all mechanical functions. Wipe the entire gun with a rust preventative.

11.Failure to properly maintain your rifle can cause damage to the bore and outside surfaces of the rifle. It can also cause your breechplug to become stuck in place. If this happens pad a pair of pliers with a rag, leather or heavy cardboard to assist in removal. If this does not work, please send the barrel to CVA for proper removal.

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  1. Great information on cleaning a CVA FOX muzzleloader !