Cleaning and Storing your CVA Muzzleloader Rifle Part 4

In the last blog we discussed how to clean the gun’s frame.  Now It’s time to clean the barrel.  Use a range rod with a nylon or copper brush and CVA Wonder Gel on the brush.  Slip your ramrod through the muzzle into the barrel, and run it in and out five to six times.  Then, let the Wonder Gel work inside the barrel for about 15 minutes.  This will dissolve the plastic that’s left behind from a sabot, loosen any powder or copper residue, and generally make the cleaning process quick and easy once you begin to run patches.  After the 15 minutes is up, run cleaning patches through your barrel until they come out clean.  By this process, three or four dry patches should be all you need to clean the barrel.  The last thing I do before I reassemble the rifle is clean the threads that hold the breech plug.  You can use nylon CVA Breech Brush for this process.  These brushes have twisted-wire handles for gripping.  Saturate the Breech Brush in solvent, and rotate is clockwise or counter-clockwise in the threads for four or five revolutions.  Then, take a dry cleaning patch, wrap the patch around the CVA Breech Brush, and slide it in as far as the threads go, turning it around in the threads two or three times.  Next, use two or three dry patches to clean the remaining solvent and grease out of the threads.  Then saturate a patch in CVA’s Rust Prevent Spray and coat the threads using the same method as above.   Lastly, put CVA Breech Plug grease on your breech plug’s threads and reinstall it.  And finally, lightly coat the entire barrel with a CVA’s Rust Prevent Spray, put it into a gun sock or breathable gun case, and store it away in your gun safe or other secure area.

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