Cleaning and Storing your CVA Muzzleloader Rifle Part 3

In the last blog, we discussed how to clean the firing-pin mechanism and the breech plug in your CVA muzzleloader rifle.  So, what do we need to clean next to get our muzzleloaders rifles ready to be stored for next deer season?  Well, now you should start cleaning the rifle’s frame.  Once the barrel is removed, you can look down inside where the barrel lug attaches the frame to the barrel.  Use solvent and Q-tips to clean all of the dirt, rust and debris out of the nooks and crannies on the frame’s interior surfaces.  If you see a little spot of rust, take some steel wool or a bronze cleaning brush, dip it in CVA Wonder Gel cleaning solvent, and then rub off any rust that may be present.  Rust is usually an indicator of places that you’ve overlooked when you’ve cleaned your rifle previously.  So, make note of where you see the rust, and remember those spots the next time you clean your rifle.  I usually use a light mounted on the side of my table to enable me to see down in that frame.  Do not disassemble your trigger on the CVA muzzleloaders.  They use special jigs to take them apart and put back together, and internal cleaning of these interior parts is not necessary.  If you do take it apart the only way to get it back together is to send to us in Duluth GA, and pay about $30 to reassemble the parts and re-instate your warranty.  After fully cleaning the frame, lubricate these areas with CVA Rust Prevent Spray or CVA Rust Prevent Patches.  However, be careful not to spray liquid lubricants inside of the trigger housing area, as this may cause excessive build up of gunk inside the trigger mechanisim that you then cannot get to in order to clean it out.

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