Cleaning and storing CVA Muzzleloader Rifles – Part 2

So, now it is time to sit down with your breech plug and really give it a thorough cleaning.  For CVA muzzleloaders, the fire channel hole is about 32nd of an inch, give or take a thousandth of an inch or so.  The easiest way to clean the fire channel is with 1/32nd size drill bit.  Just take your breech plug out of your rifle, put it in a small container, and then pour solvent in so that the liquid completely covers the breech plug.  It is best to use a container with a lid on it, like the CVA parts soaker.  I let the breech plug sit in that solvent for 15 min or longer, and I even will shake it a little bit to loosen up the residue.  You can use CVA’s WonderGel Solvent, or even something like Hoppe’s No. 9, if that’s all you have.  After the soaking, remove the breech plug from the solvent, then take your drill bit and turn it through the fire channel hole.  USE ONLY YOUR FINGERS, NOT A DRILL.  The drill bit will turn out all the fouling in the hole.  After that, just spray some lubricant, like CVA Rust Prevent Spray, through the hole, and wipe down the external surfaces of the plug – until the plug is shinny clean.  Be sure to check the next blog, and we’ll tell you how to complete the cleaning process to store your CVA muzzleloader rifle.

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